We were really not alone :)

Thanks to everyone who came to We Are Not Alone #1 on the 12th of April. We had a great evening with an interested audience who were brave enough to get (almost) naked for Dry Swimming! 

Tim Edler of Flussbad Berlin and Jérémy Terres Couvent of Les Laboratoires des Baignades Urbaines showed to very different aspects of the overarching quest for free and public swimming in the city centers of European metropolises. 

We remember two statements: "Why is it allowed that people cross the streets on their own risk but can't go swimming where they'd like to?" and "Look at Copenhagen, Zürich, Basel: the cities with clean accessible waters are the successful ones!" 

Before and after the lecture people were invited for Dry Swimming, organized by O.S.T. Believe it or not, but almost everyone (un-)dressed up for us to act in front of the green screen. The pictures were edited on the spot and became catchy little postcards that we will use to spread the word of POOL IS COOL in the future! 

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