BIG JUMP BXL 2017: For one afternoon, the canal of Brussels became the giant open air pool we and so many 'Brusseleirs' are dreaming of and asking for! More than 60 enthousiasts joined us for the BIG JUMP, showing a strong statement for clean and accessible water. Support our quest for open air swimming, sign the petition!

Have a look at this very nice report on Brussels Television station BX1.

Before the jump we did a test of the water quality to be sure that it's safe to swim in the canal. This test was done by Brulabo, the laboratory that also tests all the (indoor) swimming pools of Brussels. Believe it or not: “Eau de baignade d’excellente qualité“, based on a microbiological test. Of course this result is only valid for the specific place at Ceria-Coovi on that day and only 2 bacteriological parameters were tested. For the future we urge the Brussels’ administration to do tests on all parameters on a regular basis.


Interestingly, our self-initiated test was picked up by the media to question the Brussels Environment Agency and the Harbour of Brussels for a statement. Have a look at this report of La Une / RTBF, starting at 21:39 minutes. 

This time, in 2017, we had to organize the BIG JUMP BXL without the support and permission by the Commune of Anderlecht, the Region of Brussels and the Harbour of Brussels (who is managing the whole canal in Brussels). Next year we're aiming to make it an official event to reach even more people. We hope you'll join us again for the BIG JUMP BXL 2018!

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