Brussels' climate vs. outdoor swimming

When presenting POOL IS COOL we're often confronted with the remark that the Brussels' weather is too bad for outdoor swimming. If you actually compare the summer months with other European cities you won't notice big differences, and still these cities have fantastic swimming possibilities.

Comparison of climate profiles of Brussels and other European cities. The summer months are hardly different.
Be aware, it's the average temperature of day and night, and the total rainfall from June until August.


And have a look at all the private pools in Uccle / Ukkel, a wealthy commune of Brussels. Would these people spend their money on pools in a non-stop-rainy city?

Aerial picture of Uccle / Ukkel, a wealthy commune of Brussels. The circles mark private pools. On the right the private David Lloyd Leisure Club.


And last but not least, there are actually public outdoor pools all around Belgium! It's a myth that Brussels' weather is worse than anywhere else. That's no reason for no pool!

Public outdoor swimming all around Belgium.

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