Join the BIG JUMP in Brussels for a swim in the canal to take a stand for clean water and swimming pleasure! The bigger the splash the better!

You’re worried about the water quality of the canal? That’s why we do it! The water of the canal, rivers, lakes and ponds in Brussels remains far from perfect! Still, we have jumped in the past and will continue to jump to raise awareness for both clean and swim-friendly waters.

On Sunday 10th of July at 15:00 sharp, all around Europe people jump into the water for the BIG JUMP.  Initiated by the European River Network (ERN), it focusses since 2016 on the development and realisation of public swimming areas in existing waters. That should also be possible in Brussels! And that is why POOL IS COOL supports the 2016 edition of BIG JUMP. For more information about the vision of BIG JUMP, have a look at the official website:

We’ll meet at 14:00 at the Café Walvis (at the canal end of Rue Dansaert) to go together by bike to Anderlecht. You can also take the metro #5, direction Erasme, get off at CERIA for a short walk to the canal.



Everyone who joines the BIG JUMP Brussels by jumping into the canal does so on his own risk and responsibility! Please pay attention that there won’t be professional lifeguards! Officially it’s forbidden to swim in the canal and there are no exceptions, though we didn’t encounter legal consequences in the past.

We advise you to wear shoes when jumping and to keep your head always above water. Children should be accompanied by their parents. Be aware that the water might be cold. Bring a towel and some warm clothes. And have fun!