A summer pool in the city centre of Brussels? Unfortunately not yet ...

Despite the overwhelming succes during the voting period, our beloved Bains Catherine wasn’t selected for realisation by the jury of Make.Brussels.


Bains Catherine was most discussed, a project where ambition, imagination and desire met the Brussels’ reality of questions regarding responsibility and administration. We went to the workshop weekend with most of the answers at hand and were convinced so solve the open questions in close cooperation with all partners involved in the project. Unfortunately it turned out that Bains Catherine is too complex for a process like Make.Brussels which focussed on ideas that can be realized within the existing framework.

To make a long story short, the idea was too good to become true, at least for the moment :)

After an evening of despair and some drinks yesterday, we now feel strengthened by the positive feedback of all the people that voted for us, who have sent messages and raised questions. During our work on the project we've been able to meet a lot of interesting and influential people and gained support from different parties active in the urban field of Brussels. Thanks to Make.Brussels - Call for projects to make this happen. And a big Thank you goes also to our partners Ecoworks and Tournevie for supporting us for this project.

Bains Catherine and Make.Brussels was a big leap for the mission of POOL IS COOL. We now have the proof that you, the people of Brussels, want to swim outdoors in our city and we promise to continue our quest to make this happen!

And don’t worry, we won’t let a hot summer pass by without the one or the other urban plunge!

Yours truly, the Pool is Cool team

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